It did not do a complete regeneration and I am now at a loss due to the "Check Engine Light" that came on and keeps repeatadly going on for a few minutes, then off for a few minutes and then repeating the sequence. Jul 26, 2020 · 3. April 15, 2020. While our guide will give you the manufacturer’s recommended fluid capacity for the L5P Duramax, you always need to check your dipsticks and tank levels. In 2007 GM introduced a new body style for their pickup truck. 2, 4. If the DPF Soot Accumulation increases to 115% and the system has not been able to regenerate, the "Continue Driving" message will display on the Driver Information Center (DIC). Very frustrated with my new 2018 GMC Canyon duramax only 3200 miles and have a engine light on due to I believe DPF & DEF tank level "OK" message. Duramax. 1 - Requires a Fleet or Government type order and (L5P) Duramax 6. 5-liter four-cylinder, a 3. That alone makes the product worth buying. Lmm Duramax Fuel System Schematic. Mar 28, 2020 · A common problem with modern diesel engines fitted with DPF is engine oil dilution leading to engine degradation. With the engine running, ensure the engine coolant temperature is greater than 70˚C (158˚F). #43 · Jul 22, 2017. com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Wondering which vehicles are affected?Because of the extreme complexity of the DPF system, the regeneration process is often extremely temperamental. 5- 2014 CHEVY DURAMAX APPLICATIONS 250/350/450 Ford Powerstrokes. I love Cummins. Dec 10, 2015 · Chevy/GM Duramax Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Diagnostic trouble codes (or fault codes) are codes that are stored by the on-board computer diagnostic system. Duramax® Diesel 3. A DPF-based regen is an easy way to solve DPF problems. 3. 0. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Some refer to it as the “baby Duramax. Punch Group Developing Hydrogen-Powered Duramax 6. From buying Anyone else have problems with the 2. We’ve heard of one very happy customer who claimed his 2006 Duramax truck went from 13 mpg stock to 21 mpg average with the PPE, a 4” straight piped exhaust, a cold air Jan 06, 2008 · 07 duramax ,plenty of problems. A couple years ago, our DEF tank had to be replaced due to the heater element embedded in the tank had developed an open in the element. ·. 00. Nov 02, 2021 · 2011-2016 GM 6. 6L 2005 Chevrolet Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Duramax 6. *The Stop Engine Light is on because I'm betting that a sensor on the exhaust side is not allowing the temp to go above the required level to activate the manual regen. 6L is capable of running on B20 biodiesel, a fuel composed of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent conventional diesel. Duramax LML CP4. 18/12/2016 · The LP5 is the 1st year that GM is making the motor totally in house vs the previous Izuzu diesel influence. Oct 14, 2020 · In a surprising move, the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 Duramax diesel will see a big drop in the stated MPG ratings versus the prior year, and nothing significantly changed from the 2020 model. Cleans injector tips, cylinders, fuel lines & tank. 6L DURAMAX Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) by owners & dealers near you. Derringer Tuner, with iDash DataMonster for 2020-21 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6. 8 Duramax regen? Nov 24, 2018 · Even though the ’06-’10 Duramax's are equipped with slightly stronger, forged-steel rods than what was used in the ’01-’05 engines (LB7 and LLY), the problem moves upward, into the pistons, on the LBZ and LMM engines. Instructions for 2001 - 2002 6. 2008 - 2015 FORD POWERSTROKE | 2007. Place the transmission in Park and apply the Parking Brake. 8L Duramax Diesel Aug 04, 2020 · 3. While it reduced emissions output drastically, the DPF system on the LMM resulted in The Duramax Tuner LML Spade Tuner adds performance and increases driveability on your 2011-2016 GM 6. Leaking transmission lines. 6L L5P V8 Duramax engine is an extremely robust and capable powerplant, producing upwards of 445 horsepower at 2,800 rpm and Oct 04, 2017 · Common problem with the Duramax. No problems since, and I rebuilt the old assembly when I got home for less than so I'll have a spare. Apr 15, 2020 · Duramax Diesel Warm Engine Idle Knock Sound. The DEF fluid level sensor will also commonly fail. This greatly reduces potential oil dilution, important with using biodiesel. I agree with the others, short trips on diesel engines means problems sooner or later, some can be very expensive. 6L 2002 Chevrolet Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Duramax 6. Let me start with this I'm in Phoenix AZ so I can't delete my DPF due to emissions. 6L Duramax: LMM Diesel Engine Course Goal Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to apply concepts and procedures to diagnose and service concerns on the 6. 2021 LM2 Sierra 4x4 crew std box. 0 Duramax - Regen System warranty? playadude; Jul 21, 2021; Replies 9 Views 1K. @ 1500 rpm) 10. 8L Duramax turbo failure include; odd noises from the turbo area, increased regen frequency, poor fuel mileage, message on dashboard, and a loss of power. I have 08 LMM CCSB, I'm having an issue where my truck is going into regen anywhere from as low as 60 -120 miles. Caution If the vehicle is driven continually with Aug 29, 2014 · Is not just running at higher speed for say 20 minutes … Is the revs that is important too as is this that heat the car parts…. About 50 miles in a warning comes on saying I have about 400 miles till empty on DEF (no biggie, seen it before and plan on stopping midway and refill DEF). Fueling / low fuel pressure. Jan 15, 2021 · 2021 3. #4 · Jul 25, 2007. Eliminates black smoke & improves cold starting. See Diesel Exhaust Fluid 0 12. If you take care of your Duramax engine, it will last for many years and miles! Most Common Problems With 3. A good example of this would be if your Duramax LB7 is smoking, and all other fuel system components check out, yet the injector balance rates are within the specification, you will not get injector coverage. The info display said I had 100 miles to go until the speed was restricted to 65 MPH, and counted down as I drove. The filter was preloaded with soot by operating the engine before each experiment at 20% load at the rated speed. 6L's diesel particulate regeneration system features a downstream injector that supplies fuel for the regeneration process. 1L less displacement. 6, C); and Jan 03, 2022 · Common Problem #2: Fuel Contamination In Oil. Now, GMA has Dec 17, 2018 · Duramax History, Lesson 4: LMM. T. 0L I-6, right on par with small diesel offerings from other manufacturers. All stock no mods. It takes about 30 miles of highway driving to clean it. Here's a short video of my 2019 GMC 2500 Denali HD while the truck is going through a DEF exhaust regeneration. This is probably best done on an A road. 6L 2003 Chevrolet Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Duramax 6. how often do the Oct 06, 2021 · Before the release of the Duramax, GM relied on a comparatively agricultural diesel motor. 6L Duramax. Keep engine at slow idle (cannot be in Fast Idle or PTO Mode). DTC P0093 Large fuel leak detected. Duramax L5P MAP Sensor Failure. 6L V8 Duramax diesel trucks with LML engines 2011–2016 3500HD Sierra 6. 6L Duramax diesel engines. NOx Sensor Failures & SCR Related Problems. 6 liters (or 402 cubic inches) of displacement, a cast-iron block with aluminum heads, four valves per The problem with this policy is that injector failures must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for covered replacement. The service manager told me the Regen system (whatever it's called), is under warranty for the same 5year 100k miles as the rest of the drivetrain. ) -smell of exhaust in cab. Left me with 12 mpgs on the highway. I have had my truck for over a year now Dec 05, 2018 · So, I have 2 white superduty f250 diesels. NC-smokinlmm . One of the most common causes of a Duramax regen problem is a failing Jan 02, 2020 · Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 2, 2020 (Edited) I have an 09 GMC 350 4x6 with the Duramax LMM and Allison. What year Chevy diesel is the best? 2006-2007 Chevrolet/GMC 2500HD and 3500HD – Best Pre-Emissions Diesel. 225 Posts. DEF will need to be refilled approximately every 1000 miles of use. View Product. You can consider forcing regen on duramax. 2016 Duramax regen indication. 1 — RPO L5P 6-Speed Automatic 6L90, HMD, — RPO MYD Allison® 10-Speed Automatic 10L1000, GRX, GEN 1, VAR 1 — RPO MGM OR Allison® 10-Speed Automatic 10L1000, GRX, GEN 2, VAR 2 with PTO— RPO MGU Involved Countries and Regions North America, South America, Israel and Middle East Jun 04, 2013 · To clean a DPF using manual regeneration mode, you can use a specific service tool like the MaxiCheck Pro from Autel or other service tools for diesel engines. Aug 20, 2019 · Posted August 20, 2019. What problems do LMM Duramax have? 5 Most Common LMM Duramax Engine Problems. 1 g/dm 3). Now I did a forced regeneration once on my 2009 without the trailer. 0L LM2 Duramax diesel maintenance schedule below, you will know when different maintenance tasks need to be completed. It was actually why I waited until the L5P to get another Duramax. 6L Duramax *Some 2016 model year Ford trucks will throw a permanent PCV sensor code. First of all, you must identify the source of this problem. #12 · May 3, 2011. 2001-2004 Duramax Diesel We’ve identified fixes for common turbo and regeneration problems — plus, a word of caution on diesel particulate filter (DPF) delete. 0L turbocharged engine. I am on the receiving end of continuous calls over the past few years inquiring what to do. That got me to the launch but on my way back after fishing the reduced engine power light Sep 03, 2014 · On my Duramax however, the exhaust note has that same deeper sound when in regen. Dec 06, 2020 · Do a manual regeneration clean it up. “Lookup” your specific Duramax truck information, options, recommendations and oil and fluid capacities. inspect &/or replace windshield wiper blades . 23, 54 ãðí. Dec 24, 2012 · Duramax 6600 6. Dealer also says that he has had a lot of the same trucks in Dec 11, 2020 · The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban Diesel is rated at 20/26/22 mpg city/highway/combined, which makes it the most fuel-efficient four-wheel-drive full-size SUV in the market. The Top 5 Duramax Engine Trucks with Good Miles Per Gallon. 0L L6 Turbocharged Engine — RPO LM2 Overview The Duramax® Diesel 3. The only problem I have had with the truck is last summer while towing a steep long hill outside Laramie I blew the return tube off the turbo. . Duramax-regen-problems Aug 1, 2014 — I am currently having an issue with my truck where the regen process doesn't seem to be doing it's 2011 Chevy Duramax LML CC Z71 4x4. by Vince Brown. This week I bring you the 2018 Chevy Silverado 2500 Duramax diesel Crew Cab truck. (NRCan Rating, L/100km) Prices include 95 destination charge in the United States and ,000 for freight, PDI, and A/C tax in Canada and, because of cross-border equipment differences, can’t Oct 24, 2012 · If you can't get the exhaust temps hot enough, the truck will not regen under any circumstances. Idle speed will increase from the 720 standard to approximately 850. $ 289. The engines can easily shove too much soot into the DPF for the regeneration process to handle. The LBZ is revered for its tune-only performance capabilities. The 6. Dec 20, 2021. Quick Navigation [ show] Duramax® 6. They burn more fuel to labor through the regen process. While these engines are still relatively new, they seem to be extremely reliable so far with very few “common” problems that haven’t been solved or addressed. So I took it to a Chevy dealer and had them do a manual regen. I finally made them take the piece of crap back. Keep the car in a lower than normal gear (use 'S' on an automatic) in order to keep the revs up. At 100% full, it will for messages and take to the DPF. 0L, 6. Re: Need some help with Duramax problem - durallymax: 10/24/2013 09:51; Re: Need some help with Duramax problem - dieselking64: 10/24/2013 10:06; Re: Need some help with Duramax problem - Joe900: 10/24/2013 22:05 So, it’s the kind of repair that’s not really optional, no matter how costly it may be. Jan 07, 2021 · We will inspect and diagnose any problems with your diesel pickup truck and create a game plan with you to service your GMC Duramax. Active regeneration occurs when the Diesel Particulate Filter needs a cleaning. Piston / crankshaft failure. 744 Posts. In 2004. B20 helps lower carbon dioxide emissions and lessens dependence on petroleum. The Duramax engine needs to see steady cruise speed, not stop-and-go traffic, in order to properly enter regeneration mode. 0 Duramax: Because of the amazing design & build quality, Duramax 3. 8 Duramax regen? I feel like my duramax has mini regens and full regens lol. Switch on the Fly Bench Flash ECM Tuning and EZ Lynk TCM Tuning - Powerstroke 6. Some tools will have a built-in step-by-step process, or just a simple "yes" or "no" function. Fullsize Truck & SUV - 2014-2019 K2XX Platform. The soot must be literally burned out of the filter. We strive to keep this the #1 forum for tech and information while continuing the push for new and exciting tech on the Duramax platform. Leaking Injectors—LB7. Air tank pressure must be high enough for the parking brake switch to hold in the OFF position. Then it has to pass a DEF fluid quality test. com : Car complaints, car problems and How long does a Duramax Regen take? First, as a general rule of thumb, a forced DPF regen should last approximately 45 minutes. 1. Based on AUTEL’s latest diagnostic platform, it will perform a forced regeneration, turn off the DPF light and reset ECU after the filter has been replaced, and reset the additive light after topping up. It is important to note that not all instances of coolant loss on these engines is the result of head gasket failure. I have a 2013 GMC 3500 DRW extended cab, had 132k on the odometer and I paid 26k. DURAMAX CUMMINS POWERSTROKE. #2 · Feb 18, 2012. Oil usage is normal. All of my Cummins ran on the 5. Aug 05, 2020 · Duramax LB7 Problems when Tuned / Running High Horsepower Since the LB7 is a bit behind the performance curve compared to more modern diesel engines, performance modifications are common. Oct 03, 2018 · No problems on the rubber rock tamers and with the 2017 Duramax, we towed our 30' Classic almost 60,000 miles and no issues ever with the exhaust affecting the trailer. One major reason LML Duramax emissions are more effective is the revised active regeneration design. If the process doesn't run to completion or doesn't run properly, it can cause other problems that could lead to engine damage because it puts backpressure on the engine and cripples performance. You must travel above 30 mph for at least 20 minutes until the clean filter message goes off. ” – Hogan, Nov 16th, 2021 Service manuals, electrical schematics and bulletins for 1995 to current GM vehicles. 0 Duramax and have put about 50 miles on it since I picked it up a couple of days ago (It is at about 1800 miles total now). I assume you do not have access to any tuners. This GM DEF is specifically made for Duramax engines. #1. More often then not, the cause of this code is that there is a transmission problem of some kind. That 2500 will pull a pretty decently sized fifth wheel. 6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine. Duramax Regen Problems. If I stop the vehicle the regen will restart when exhaust temps come up and it will stop at about 2-4 grams of soot. Jun 06, 2018 · The LML features a torque rating of 765 lb ft which is a 16 percent increase over the previous LMM model (660 lb ft). 8, 14 Bolt Rear Axle Aug 08, 2019 · 2011–2016 3500HD Sierra 6. The L5P uses a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor inside the intake manifold. 6 mpg at 65 mph right since new, have been having alot of motor issues , as it would intermitently run rough and smoke excessively, oil leaks , took to dealership they could not repair it because the computor Jan 25, 2017 · The DPF will regen once every tank of fuel. The Duramax was superior in performance to the Detroit and marked an important turning point for Chevrolet pickups and GMC trucks in the diesel market. Creating this fantastic engine, however, took a considerable amount of work. It could muster around 215hp and 440lb-ft of torque in its top trim and on a good day. 6L LLY/LB7 Juice w/ Attitude CTS2. Coming from gas I know nothing but have only jotted down what other folks recommend: highway drive every week for >30mins (technically GM says "The DPF will clean itself if the vehicle can be driven above 50 km/h (30 mph) for about 30 minutes. Session 2 Objectives Duramaxdiesels. These include long crank start and no-start. Aug 12, 2009 · First Look: 2011 Duramax Diesel V-8 Engine. Add fluid or oil if you are at or below the fill or minimum mark. Reviews (9) Share your thoughts! 4. Dealer says it was clogged up. Story By. If your truck is calling for a regen it will do it by putting a load on the engine and driving it for 30 minutes or so. The instant economy Apr 13, 2019 · Fullsize Truck & SUV - 2014-2019 K2XX Platform. 5-2006) How to do a manual DPF regeneration How to regenerate DPF filter Suburban misfire problem solvedDEF Frustration!!! WHAT Happens When You RUN OUT of DEF?? *Diesel Exhaust Fluid* How a TDI engine VNT turbo works and how Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 2, 2020 (Edited) I have an 09 GMC 350 4x6 with the Duramax LMM and Allison. 5-liter ‘IDI’ diesel V8. However, one common failure point on tuned LBZ’s is cracked pistons. The engine is a ground up design made to fit perfectly in those vehicles and produces 277 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque in the half-ton Silverado with a surprising peak torque at just 1,500 RPMs. 6L Duramax LBZ’s applications included the Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra, HD, Chevrolet Kodiak, and GMC TopKick (the Kodiak and TopKick being medium duty truck models. Dec 22, 2008 · I have a 2500HD with a Duramax LMM (new body style). Jul 06, 2017 · My fuel level (also on the regen screen) had dropped from 74% to 69%. Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks. Mike McGlothlin. The engine will always try to do it automatically, but if it cannot, a light will come on giving warning that a regen is due. 4 city / 8. One thing the ’01-’04 LB7 Duramax is notorious for is injector failure. i bought a 2017 and had to take it to the dealer 7 times for this issue. 6 out of 5 stars. I switched the display to fuel economPosted August 20, 2019. Should be pretty easy to see if clean. 0L LM2 Duramax diesel maintenance schedule. Enjoy quicker turbo spool and lower EGTs along with faster re-circulation of the coolant resulting in lower coolant temps. 9 seconds at 100 mph. SKU: SMS-PV-KIT-DMAX. 6 power levels adjustable on-the-fly. Nov 30, 2021 · DPF Delete Tuner. Just checking here to make sure the guy was telling me the Sep 04, 2021 · 55. Duramax “upgraded” the injection pump for the LML models, going from the Bosch CP3 to the CP4. Outside of this problem, there aren’t many major or costly common problems associated with the engine. The advantages of a tuner are just good to ignore. 0L Duramax Inline-Six Turbodiesel By Artie Maupin January 15, 2018 Although we’ve gotten a peek at the new 2019 Silverado already, last night in Detroit, we obtained some exciting news for the entire Silverado lineup. 8 Duramax regen? Close. 6L Duramax LML diesels endured repeated reliability problems with the SCR and DEF systems. 7 Scorpion and I am pretty pleased with it. Sep 14, 2011 · Regeneration. Nov 26, 2020 · Duramax 6600 6. We provide the parts to completely eliminate all emissions related The 5. Jan 05, 2020 · Basically, If you take care of your diesel and maintain a strict service schedule, you can reduce problems down the road. How to clean, clear and reset (regenerate) the system. , Arlington Wisconsin 53911 My 2011 is at 170k and other than a trans module is going strong. 0-liter four-cylinder engines from this same basic architecture. VerticalScope Inc. Regen is initiated based on DPF filter diff. 6L Duramax LMM engine and its components. 6 (2004. Houston, TX 77055. Among the failures on the DEF system are the DEF tank heater and the DEF pump. DPF system & active regeneration. How to cut wear rates and failures by 50-90%. General Motors is telling dealerships how to look for after-market modifications to control software that voids warranties and can cause Dec 20, 2021 · on. But once you install the H&S tuner you can be free of DPF problems as it comes loaded with DPF present and removed tuning. 07-10 Duramax 6. It is a domestically produced, renewable fuel made primarily of plant matter – mostly soybean oil. One really positive thing is that the Bosch injection system is gone for 17 and the Denso system is in. The LMM is similar to the LBZ engine, but with more advanced emissions controls. 6L V8 Diesel specific. Once the DPF (diesel particulate filter) reaches the soot load where the ecm will call for a regeneration. 7 reviews. Close the hood. I found a TSB on the Duramax Diesel forum a couple of weeks ago that has Chevrolet correct this problem. I just bought a dealer demo 3. Duramax regen problems Duramax regen problems Jun 19, 2007 · TDG Mafia # 81. From buying Longevity & reliability. This morning I noticed a slightly deeper rumble from the exhaust, and figured that a Regen was starting. 50 to 3. Aug 04, 2018 · A GM diesel lawsuit claims Duramax engines are equipped with emissions defeat devices in 2011-2016 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. 6, B); 2017-2018 Silverado and Sierra models equipped with the 6. Over time, soot builds up in the DPF filter walls. Jan 05, 2021 · Posted 1/5/2021 14:53 (#8724863 - in reply to #8723862) Subject: RE: Duramax Regen 210 Industrial Dr. I think the Duramax is a good engine but my experience has proven for my use the Fords hold up much better IMO. I use the truck for towing a 32 foot 15K fifth wheel. 4-5 times since owning the truck I've noticed what's described above: odd burning smell. DPF temperatures during an active regen will quickly climb to 1000 deg F in order to quickly burn collected soot off and allow the DPF differential Active regeneration, however, is the regeneration we most commonly think of. The Duramax's tendency to overheat is another one of those mystery problems, and one complicated by the fact that Ôëþñ àêòèâíûé ÎÊ, îðòîôîñôîðíàÿ êèñëîòà, 30 ìë, ñåðèÿ ;Àëìàç; tdm. Common Problem #1: Excessive And/Or Ineffective Regeneration Yes, excessive regeneration is a problem that is all too common, especially for the pre-2010 engines. Apr 03, 2019 · The Duramax and Allison powertrain is a good fit for that load. Even though the ’06-’10 Duramax's are equipped with slightly stronger, forged-steel rods than what was used in the ’01-’05 engines (LB7 and LLY), the problem moves upward, into the pistons, on the LBZ and LMM engines. Adventure Rider Mar 13, 2019 · (03-13-2019, 07:57 PM) Dieselrat Wrote: what is the procedure to reset exhaust fluid quality light on 2015 chevy duramax lml ? its derated to 4 mph now ! There is no reset function for this, check your dtc's after you fix the problem the ecu will test the components and will PASS or FAIL . Cruise control, Engine Brakes, Park brake, clutch pedal, throttle pedal, brake pedal, transmission neutral switch and DPF soot load need to be working and reading the condition the ECM requires to initiate the process. I couldn't find this in the documentation. Sep 14, 2011 · 6. 2. 6. 4 combined. Chevrolet invited us out to Bend, Oregon to test its new diesel 3. 6 aluminum-head Duramax, on the other hand, could deliver 300hp and 520lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, there seems to be one persistent problem area with the GM 3. First thing to check is filters. 6L L5P 2500/3500HD turbo diesel. Oct 21, 2021 · 6L Duramax truck. 0L LM2 Duramax With each new diesel engine to hit the market the most common question to follow is when tuning will be available. com was founded in 2006 and created a site which houses some of the best known Duramax tech you can find. 4 under their hood. Engine sounds a bit derated or retarded. Oct 09, 2020 · I just bought a dealer demo 3. With you go-ahead, we will perform services using the latest technology offered for your model with our state-of-the-art equipment . Duramax Thread about Regen Data; DieselNet Tech Guide to DPF; How Diesel Particulate Filters Work (JLM Lubricants) Aug 10, 2015 · Aug 9, 2015. Aug 17, 2019 · The procedure to replace the tank heater is the same for Duramax trucks from 2011-2016 as the location was unchanged. 8L Duramax diesel engine (RPO LWN) (Fig. AutoRate uses vehicle data to adjust tune in real-time. 8L Duramax. Sep 29, 2014. 6L Duramax diesel engine (RPO L5P) (Fig. Just had the fuel filter changed two weeks ago and the truck went into limp mode say "reduced power". Hey folks, Capt Y. 0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Engine. 6L Duramax LB7 – Overall Best Diesel Engine. 6L LML V8, the turbo-diesel 6. Jul 3, 2021 — 6. When adding performance or deleting systems on your LMM, the first thing that you’re going to need is a good tuner. 5L or Duramax powered pickup trucks and Suburbans, I eventually settled on the AirLift adjustable air springs as being the best solution to this problem. Feb 17, 2012 · Joined Oct 27, 2009. 8 Duramax when in the market for a catch can. 6l duramax fuel filter replacement & water-separator drain Fuel Filters - GM Duramax 6. The engine code I get is "SPN 3251 FM1 2OC2, originally got SPN 3251 FM1 4 OC126". These are stored in response to a problem found in the truck by the system. CarComplaints. The Duramax LBZ was produced from 2006 to 2007 model years, with the LMM replacing it by mid-2007. 6 Duramax: LMM. The DTCs may include the following codes related to injector timing being retarded or advanced: P01CB, P01CC, P01CD, P01CE, P01CF Duramax Diesel Owners Page. of torque. May 25, 2018 · 2017-2018 Won't Regen I too have had this problem and think it has to be widespread. A replacement DPF may cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to k or more. The problem seems to be the alignment of the down tube from the turbocharger. Tuned it and its back up to 19 mpgs highway. So, what's up? GMAuthority. Part Number 21003 - Install Instructions. Anyone else have problems with the 2. Dealer service regen cost me 0. i turned around and bought a 2018 and now at the 2500 mile mark it is starting this BS too. I’ll go into a brief history of each engine, and power figures (excluding for medium duty trucks with a milder tune for reliability and to account for different eq 06-07 Duramax 6. ** TCM's are backordered and expected in 1. Anytime a manufacturer releases a new vehicle, it takes atleast three years before they get it Jul 21, 2021 · Hey guys, I bought one today (LS). In mens duramax p0606 code. This issue is very common and can be fixed in a few ways. Part Number 21502 - User Guide. When you use it, you can read fault codes and perform advanced diagnostic functions such as forced DPF regen. While I normally prefer to drive through the regen, that wasn't convenient and this was given that the regen had already began (GPL had dropped from 3. Reduces DPF regeneration cycles up to 50%. This small truck offers a few note worthy features in the diesel powered configuration. Not using coolant. The only difference is that diesel engines do not require a spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture. In typical operation you will not notice that it is happening. I was talking with a driver yesterday about this and he said they are due for new trucks next year. 2 times I've noticed what I think is a true regen: drop in power, drop in MPG, and when I get on the accelerator during this, it sounds like an f16 is in my truck bed. It uses diesel fuel to regen, so your fuel economy will flat out suck when it is doing a regen and you will watch the fuel tank level indictor drop as the truck injects diesel fuel into the filter to burn off all the stuff. 7L turbo with 310hp and 348lb-ft of torque and the 5. REGEN is the burning of soot built up in a DPF. Most commonly, these turbo's tend to fail near or below freezing temperatures, on trucks that often are driven short distances within the first 100,000 miles (as low as Jan 05, 2021 · Posted 1/5/2021 11:34 (#8724425 - in reply to #8723862) Subject: RE: Duramax Regen NW Iowa I would EITHER get a pre-emissions truck (they're getting pretty old and used up IMHO ) OR From duramaxforum. Joined Nov 27, 2016. Follow along as we take you through the kit introduction, installation and show how the air springs solved the problem. The majority of the changes addressing a required drastic reduction in engine emissions. Early LB7 models were known for injector problem, and GM had to release a special policy No. GM Regeneration Issue #PIP4422A: Diesel Engine Extended Idling P2448 P244C P2463 - keywords 6. Contamination is one of the most common problems triggered by regeneration itself, especially in 2007-2010 diesels. Exhaust systems that can delete your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Catalytic Converter (CAT), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and/or Selective Catalytic Reduction (S The LMM Duramax refers to Chevrolet Silverado HD and GM Sierra HD trucks equipped with the 6. The LMM featured a few upgrades with ultimately boosted power to 660 lb-ft of torque. 7L 07-14 GMC/Chevrolet 6