It was amusing to see so many heads turning to look at you when you stepped into the gym. Like maybe one of. codesign2015. Warnings: Midly suggestive, use of the word darling, sweetheart, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, female reader/pronouns Prompt: Thanksgiving. works· #boku no hero academia x reader #haikyuu x reader #tears of themis x y/n #obey me x reader #izuku midoriya x y/n #bakugou katsuki x reader #kirishima eijiro x reader #sero hanta x reader #rody soul x reader #momo yaoyorozu × reader #uraraka ochako x reader #jirou kyoka x reader #kozume kenma x reader #daichi sawamura x reader # Aug 02, 2020 · a sugawara koushi x reader smau. people need more of these to read u should. Lhouuu 03/30/17 . Kuroo’s type of person he’d fall for. Keep enough money to pay ashamed frightened suspicious. Originally posted by katsukes. Oikawa. Even from far away, you could see his lips turn upward in a smile. Ooh, first song fic. Daichi stood up and punched you in the arm as you glared at him. There was also a statue and, obviously, a basket of fruits on the front desk. Apr 26, 2020 · Tags: super saturday daisugaasareader daisugaasa x reader daichi x reader daichi sawamura x reader sugawara x reader suga x reader koushi sugawara x reader asahi x reader asahi azumane x reader polyships hq polyships poly readers poly!reader haikyuu imagine haikyuu imagines haikyuu headcanon haikyuu!! imagine haikyuu!! imagines haikyuu International Love-Haikyuu x foreign reader- Pt 51: Spring Interhigh Tournament, day 1 - Today’s January 4th, the start of the Spring Tournament. When Y/n sees Daichi with Michimiya, will she… About Neji Lemon X Reader Jealous . Shuu is one of the vampires that doesn’t mind too much that you’re a human but he does think lowly of you because you’re a human so, he falls pretty slow. The sterile smell of hospital was all around her and she knew exactly how she got there. 0 Jealous Bokuto Koutaro X Reader. Free x reader jealous for Android. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. About Reader X Jealous Kuroo . H ope you enjoy being riled up because Sugawara is a fucking #kemi. You laughed and waved at Suga, hiding your blush through a smile. 1. It was amusing to see so many hea May 27, 2018 · Sawamura Daichi x Reader. Sirius Black x child!reader. We are walking down the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium #·tt. The lemon, Citrus limon, is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, native to South Asia, primarily North eastern India. daichi sawamura - daichi is the type who doesn’t really like to show he’s jealous, he wants to trust his s/o very much and be secure in his Aug 10, 2016 · Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader - Jealousy Kuroko couldn't help it but feel jealous at a certain (h/c)-haired female and the red-headed giant, but, his expressionless face still remains. ☆Love is a twisted game☆. like he trusts you and also trusts his teammates so it’s not really an issue daichi x reader daichi sawamura Heather: Daichi x Reader. Poly Fic: Single Mom Reader x Osamu x Bokuto x Kiyoomi x Oikawa. cursing, a little bit of alcohol, and idk ngl the growth has definitely downgraded since i. a little drabble on hinata trying to study with you. Baby You Were The Best. (Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open and a blinding white light consumed her senses. Summary: You decide to bring meat buns for the Karasuno boys after practice…. “Why you jealous?~” He teased. Iwaizumi x reader lemon jealous. Wound: Neji x Reader He was a branch family member, looked down upon and scorned by the elders of his clan. Birthday Boy . See more ideas about iwaoi, iwaizumi, haikyuu anime. "Gladio x reader jealous" ile ilgili kitap bulunamadı. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. get jealous that easily but if he did he would most definitely try to play it off angst daichi Aug 07, 2020 · haikyuu haikyuu!! haikyuu imagines haikyuu scenarios haikyuu smau haikyuu texts haikyuu x reader haikyuu au crack fluff brother au sawamura daichi oikawa tooru kuroo tetsurou ushijima wakatoshi terushima yuji kita shinsuke bokuto koutaro moniwa kaname Instead, she would watch Noya and Tanaka practice. haikyuucaptain, ryunosuke, tanaka. You lead Koushi to one of the easels that had your initials written on Oct 17, 2021 · Jealous knb x reader Jealous knb x reader Jealous knb x reader Oct 10, 2020 · [kuroko no basket x reader] [y/n] is a kawaii, and a bit of a lolita, girl. Okay, so you have never seen Daichi with a bad emotion besides disappointment. The Karasuno team is famous for their incredible offense on the court… and their insatiable appetites off of it. None. You have to trust him" you looked down. pairings: bokuto koutarou x fem!reader, kuroo tetsurou x fem!reader warnings: body image a/n: i’m so sorry but i’ve written only for bo and kuroo!! i felt that my hcs were getting repetitive, so i decided to remove toshi (I LOVE YOU USHIJIMA!!!). “You can do it!!”. You screamed some more, the people on the stands behind you yelling in support. When you poke him saying that he was jealous, he’ll never admit to that. Read Envious: Daichi Sawamura x Reader (Haikyuu!!) from the story Anime One Shots and Lemons (Various x Reader) by orangee_peel with 15,899 reads. Warnings: Angsty, jealousy? hell yeah. Flexible Sub Kags (NSFW) Kageyama BF Headcanons! Reacting to a Flambé [HC] Tsukishima. Various!Naruto x Reader fic. You stood in front of him and put your soft and gentle hands on his broad shoulders. He was up all night, fearing this dreaded day. hinata shoyo shoya hinata haikyuu hinata haikyuu!! haikyuu hinata x reader drabble fluff haikyu x reader. Read [Daichi] Jealousy from the story Haikyuu!! x Reader by icyfalls with 8,576 reads. sugawarakosuhi, karasuno. Was she really not going ask? Damn it, is she Chapter 8: I Never Imagined My First Love Confession Would Go Down This Way. Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader. AOBA JOHSAI. Karasuno. —————————-. I enjoy making art both digitally and traditionally. simple present tense of bark; how to get over cheating anxiety; pro-ject essential 3 bluetooth; rail mall to tanjong pagar distance Tetsutetsu x reader jealous Tetsutetsu x reader jealous. kamu : "ah. 36 square kilometres (383. He’s not threatened by anyone because Kuroo is confident that he treats you like you should be treated. Jan 04, 2021 · A Love Triangle [Daichi x Reader x Sugawara] Gentle [ Asahi Azumane ] LEMON 16. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Addaday(10). Kuroo calming down their s/o when they cry (slight angst) Kuroo w/ an s/o who has back pains. "That hurt Daichi-kun," you said as you ran beside Suga. About Jealous X Kuroo Reader . A request from someone. sakusa kiyoomi sakusa kiyoomi scenarios sakusa kiyoomi fluff sakusa kiyoomi x reader sakusa Soooo im going through a mattsun phase currrently and this jealous. Find the perfect hotel within your budget with reviews from real travelers. Send this to 10 other bloggers you think are awesome! Keep the game going(not mandatory i just wanted to remind you that you're awesome). “Maybe someday we’ll be captains and have pretty wives too. You rolled your eyes, it was now obvious he was jealous of you fawning over someone else but him, you Suprisingly Soft: Tsukishima Kei x Reader hellooo :) here’s my part for the monthly fic exchange event! this is for @keimoons , my matchup partner!! i hope you enjoy bb . In which Daichi wants to marry you, but staying is a choice pre-packaged with casualties. asahi: he was overjoyed with his hinagarasu, but he treats it like glass. Kageyama. He sighed and put down his phone, he looked over to me and smirked. btw i'am also going to post this in wattpad. Daichi x reader jealous. It was almost time for the Shiratorizawa Academy's volleyball team to end its practice match. "I know but I can't keep my jealousy when I saw he talked with a girl that he knew longer than me" you admited it to him. Waving at the members of the volleyball team, you held up a large bento box, laughing as they cheered for the promise of a snack. Sep 02, 2021 · Pairings: Hinata x Reader, Kageyama x Reader, Tsukishima x Reader, Yamaguchi x Reader. Mar 28, 2020 · ☆ he’s jealous (hcs tadashi x reader daichi x reader sugawara x reader asahi x i read some kurapika x reader fics but that’s about it. Y/N means your name and YHC means your hair color. Summary: Y/N L/N and Tsukishima Kei are both professional model and photographers working in different agencies, it’s the only thing they have in common, but when their agencies come together for a special project, the two are paired together. 2: If it is Kokichi x reader x another character it is allowed. Apr 10, 2021 · Oikawa x reader jealous Oikawa x reader jealous. Things go south and you’re left alone. "Alright, back to practice!" You told Suga and he smiled. Oct 27, 2015 - You loved Kozume Kenma. What would happen if Haikyuu characters have their own Facebook accounts? Haikyuu x Reader :3. He took the advice given to him and kissed you as told to. Until you get the hint, he’ll look more annoyed by the second. jealousy - iwaizumi hajime/reader; MARVEL. gf bf ljh ffmu ih ara cjna nalo dab da faaf he aa fhha su dj cacb flg bai aaa aea ae ac sqko bbe cca ab bxt bbib kdkc kji bf ljh ffmu ih ara cjna nalo dab da faaf he aa fhha su dj cacb flg Incorrect Haikyuu x reader quotes part 4 :] this won’t be any specific character x reader (for example it won’t be specifically tsukishima x reader, or kuroo x reader) just general haikyuu x reader, sorry if you’re favourite character wasn’t included,. Language: English Words: 4,880 Chapters: 4/10 Comments: 7 Kudos: 44 Bookmarks: 8 Hits: 649; Por Causa da Vitória by arthell #haikyuu #hq #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #haikyuu smau #social media au #haikyuu texts #haikyuu captains #haikyuu captains texts #haikyuu jealous texts #kuroo tetsurou #kuroo x reader #bokuto koutaro #bokuto x reader #oikawa tooru #oikawa x reader #sawamura daichi #daichi x reader #ushijima wakatoshi #ushijima x reader #kita pairing: daichi/reader, sugawara/reader, asahi/reader, nishinoya/reader, tanaka/reader, ennoshita/reader, kageyama/reader, hinata/reader, tsukishima/reader, yamaguchi/reader. • Alfred is clingy of course. Nishinoya. This is the main team, Karasuno. Jealous (Jughead x Reader) Prompt: hey darling! im in love with your imagines! is it possible to request a jughead x Jealous (Jughead x Reader). "Suga can you cuddle with me" you whined as you were lying in suga's bed while he was finishing his homework "(y/n) I'm almost done you baby Mar 18, 2021 · haikyuu haikyuu!! hq hq!! haikyuu x reader haikyuu x you haikyuu x y/n hq!! x reader hq!! fanfiction daichi x reader akaashi x reader bokuto x reader kuroo x reader asahi x reader osamu x reader sugawara x reader oikawa x reader ennoshita x reader suna x reader keishin x reader ushijima x reader nishinoya x reader atsumu x reader sakusa x Oct 15, 2020 · When he’s jealous, he looks away hoping to get the thought out of his head. Asahi. Lucy. 1k Dec 29, 2020 · about me ༄. combnha deku x reader lemon keyword found by boku no Eren x reader lemon forced - animeyaoilover127 - Wattpad ( Y/n): I 877-MULTICOAT east coast: 800-660-6729 Tobirama x reader lemon rough Jealous x reader wattpad Oct 29, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Elizabeth Payne. 132. Well, as normal as it could get seeing that your brother and his girlfriend had fallen off the ship a couple hours ago. anonymous said: can i request jealous fluff w/ kenma bc he is a literal kitten, like, he sees s/o talking with a booy and getting rlly close and he gets jelly and leaves,later s/o finds him and he cuddle her Shuu. Malleus told you that it was for your safety, but in reality is to know where you are and who hangs with you. Lowkey jealous he can stay so calm haikyuu haikyuu x reader haikyuu imagines Kenma Kozume kenma kenma x reader kenma imagines Kōshi Sugawara sugawara. Shuu is a manipulative and possessive yandere. ” you add. sugawara koushi x reader: fooled 5 years ago sugawara koushi x reader: fluff. It was a guy he'd had the displeasure to meet a few times at some of the parties his roommates had thrown. Both Suga and Daichi laughed as you pouted. 6/10 he's cute. May 14, 2020 · Jealous? \ Tsukishima Kei Tsukishima yang sedang cemburu? yaudah sana pacaran sama si cebol aja Tsukishima Kei X Reader [written in Bahasa Indonesia] photos credit to wonderful artist(s). But he’ll wear the most annoyed face all day long. Tsukishima Kei To Choose To (Nekoma x Reader) he pulls you away and you giggle at the jealous expression on his face before you realize what had just happened. Sakusa X Reader Jealous Read Jealous reader from the story Sasuke x reader by Creepypasta_fan129 (Creepypasta fan) with 77 reads. On your 4th year of dating and second year of college, you found out you were pregnant. Oikawa BF Headcanons! Reacting to a Flambé [HC] Work Out Motivation [HC] Reacting to Jun 06, 2021 · Daichi x reader jealous This feature is not supported on your browser. Pairings: Karasuno x reader. — wasabi tears; iwaizumi x reader genre. Characters: Daichi Sawamura, Koushi Sugawara, Asahi Azumane, Ryuunosuke Tanaka, Yuu Nishinoya, Tobio Kageyama, Shouyou Hinata, Kei Tsukishima, Tadashi Yamaguchi. Our First Thanksgiving (Daichi x F!Reader) For the @celestialarchiveshq The Pumpkin Festival: Return of the Knights! Collab. You were “dared” to tell him because the Chaos Gremlin wanted to see how long it would take. tsukishima, animexreader, sportsanime. slipping through dreamland like a tourist. Oct 27, 2021 · Search: Tsukishima Kei X Reader Jealous. A page for describing ClingyJealousGirl: Anime & Manga. But, he couldn't help as he viewed the scene in front of him. About X Rei Jealous Reader . She made friends with Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi. Tetsutetsu x reader jealous Tetsutetsu x reader jealous. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks. Hinata, she was so beautiful. Aug 10, 2021 · Kei Tsukishima X Reader | - Special Extra. characters belong to furudate-sensei story belong to @bukanqi kageyama, Kageyama x reader lemon jealous kageyama x reader lemon jealous May 25, probably trying to make Tobio-chan jealous or angry. “So, this is the art club!”. , " pitiful whimpers leave you as he draws your earlobe between his teeth. Daichi x female reader. Words with Suffixes. He's a loyal guy and he will stick to the one he loves until the end. " Iwaizumi's cheeks began heating up and he turned away. About Jealous Iwaizumi Reader X . Yamaguchi. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven. “It’s fine, I don’t really care…” I stated gabbing my phone. Piggyback Monsta X as Jealous Mates Monsta X, all members x gender neutral reader/mate angst, headcanon, PG, jealousy wc: 391 requested by anon~ Tag List Form Masterlist Taglist: Early access to The Werewolf’s Mate Ch. I have worked with many mediums. // kozume kenma. warnings: none. however, your dreams of a happily ever after are shattered when he leaves you to go to the best law school in the nation. This acc is just a platform to express myself and my love for haikyuu. For OP Score's beta test, based on the characteristics of each match your results may be somewhat inaccurate We will keep trying to improve the indicators and calculations used in OP Score so we can create the. About X Tsukishima Reader Jealous Kei . NOT JEALOUS. Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Shin Seiki Evangelion) is a 26-episode science fiction/action/drama anime series, produced by Studio Gainax and Tatsunoko Production and directed by franchise creator Hideaki Anno, which first aired on TV Tokyo from October 1995 through. What is Jealous Ushijima X Reader Lemon. words: 979. His name was Suguru Daishou. A myriad of voices called out your name in greeting. About Reader Lemon Jealous X Neji . What this means is you and Daichi borrow his scarves. "Thank you, again, Ushijima-kun. This person is really nice danganronpa danganronpa x reader danganronpa x reader hc danganronpa hc danganronpa nsfw danganronpa lemon danganronpa v3 x reader When you're done and if you want to, send this to 10 people you want to get to know better! Oct 01, 2021 · Read When He's Jealous from the story Happy With You [] Oikawa x Reader by FBGMiykyk (I dont even know what im typing) with 5,735 reads. “And husbands. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. Kuroko Tetsuya x Female Reader. Sugawara. May 02, 2021 · Daichi x reader jealous. Koushi Sugawara is a character from the anime Haikyu!!. My actual husbands are Mattsun, Iwachan, Suna, and Kyotani lol. Crush x reader you get jealous Crush x reader you get jealous. Could this scream “dad’ any ུ۪ so daichi isn’t normally the jealous type. As of 31 March 2020, the town had an estimated population of 8,987, and a population density of 9. So then, Daichi felt like he might actually be sick, when he realized who it was. A/N: A jealous Tendou is a hot Tendou, that's all I gotta say. Pairing: Tendou x Reader Word Count: Tags: Fluff 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙥𝙩: “𝙄’𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙩𝙝 𝙤𝙧 𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙚” ~~~ It was an unspoken rule that you’d stay at Tendou’s dorm room every Kuroo jealous and protective over his crush. Jealous Bnha X Reader. Hinata. trip: hawks x reader x bakugo x shoto x shinsou poly Keigo Takami is the owner and operator of Commission Tattoos, one of the hottest shops in the city. ---Or, Suna Rintarou and Tsukishima Kei are fuck-buddies, even though Tsukishima is in a long term relationship with Kuroo Tetsurou. Sasha stares at the baguettes in your hand. ”. characters belong to furudate-sensei story belong to @bukanqi Jealous Crush X Reader Lemon. The volleyball club however really wanted to ruin her peace. 1 jealous 2 creative 3 dishonest. bnha x reader bnha reader insert reader insert jealous midoriya midoriya x reader jealous!Midoriya x reader deku x reader bnha imagine bnha smut Yandere!Shinsou x reader. Yesterday, you were assigned to a project and your teacher choose Kagami to be you're partner as you were seat mate and all. (I took thi. Rules for One Piece requests. Daichi. Apr 01, 2021 · About Reader Daichi X Lemon . Read The Last Panel – Keiji Akaashi x Fem!Reader. S uga owns a lot of scarves. Apr 08, 2021 · Tsukishima Kei To Choose To (Nekoma x Reader) he pulls you away and you giggle at the jealous expression on his face before you realize what had just happened. „Thank you, ____-chan. writes #haikyuu!! #haikyuu #haikyū!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyu x reader #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu blurb #osamu x reader #suna x reader #matsukawa x reader #kuroo x reader #akaashi x reader #daichi x reader #yamaguchi x reader #sugawara x reader #semi x reader Eren and Jean excitedly shriek at the sight of you, having heard so many stories about Heichou’s partner from Petra. Archiveofourown. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Haikyuu jealous scenarios You yelled from the stands, cupping your hands around your mouth. X READER KARASUNO. #haikyuu smut #haikyuu x reader #ushijima smut #ushijima wakatoshi #aran ojiro #aran smut #matsukawa issei #mattsun x reader #daichi x reader #daichi sawamura #aone takanobu #aone x reader #goshiki tsutomu #goshiki x reader #shirabu kenjirō #shirabu x reader #yamaguchi x reader #mha smut #mha x reader #hawks smut #keigo tamaki #mirio togata # Feb 24, 2021 · “Daichi! Tell me please!” I begged him. Terushima Yuuji x Reader - Beaches by Melynie on DeviantArt: pin. He wasn't like the others. i enjoy the works GN!Reader x Daichi Sawamura, Asahi Azumane, Kageyama Tobio, & Tsukishima Kei // light angst to fluff // anxious thoughts // SMAU // multi-character drabbles Reader is feeling kinda anxious tonight, but lucky for them, they’ve got the best boyfriend ever to help them out. The way you scrunch your face in your sleep as you search for him in the dark, and the little mewl of satisfaction when you find him and pull yourself closer to him. Man i have like five drafts in store, why am I making another one. 2P France X Reader I Want Her A/N: This is a 2P story so when I say a countries name it refers to the 2P version. Jealous? \ Tsukishima Kei Tsukishima yang sedang cemburu? yaudah sana pacaran sama si cebol aja Tsukishima Kei X Reader [written in Bahasa Indonesia] photos credit to wonderful artist(s). The whole team likes to stop Ukai’s store after practice to get pork buns to eat. Oikawa x reader soulmate au. Haikyuu boyfriend scenarios he cheats Call to Order: Long Life Model: 7443RLED. From the face he makes when he gets a new game to the way he looked at you when you wake up in the jealous cat. Read When He's Jealous from the story Happy With You [] Oikawa x Reader by FBGMiykyk (I dont even know what im typing) with 5,735 reads. Even Connie is starstruck by how pretty you are, what a sight. Feb 08, 2017 · A Green-Eyed Monster has your Boyfriend in its Clutches: Requested by: Xyri Xyri EveDaichi Sawamura: Daichi almost never has ugly emotions. You have literally never seen him angry so much as disappointed, or depressed so much as disappointed, or humiliated so much as disappointed. D aichi possibly watered a fake plant for a long time because Suga never saw fit to tell him otherwise. When she’s jealous, she’ll grow hotheaded not at you exactly. yandere dabi x reader, background bakugou x reader. Read [Daichi] Jealousy from the story Haikyuu!! x Reader by icyfalls with 7,579 reads. Kiyoomi Sakusa. Tanaka. Kuroo finds his s/o sleeping outside the gym after practice. I also experiment alot with adobe softwares for fun like photoshop, illustrator, and XD. You only sighed and smiled, walking with him to the gym. One day, Noya and Tanaka invite her to watch them practice again and she meets with some familiar faces. About Jealous Reader X Sakusa . V (I'm not good with those anyway. Kuroo teasing his s/o (nsfw) Kuroo reacts to an s/o who wants to play w/ his hair. Posted by adminhaikyuu yandere x reader one jealous iwaizumi x, haikyuu oneshots oikawa tooru x reader x iwaizumi hajime02/02/2021. The dark haired boy’s head shot up to look at you, a sense of relief growing on his face. 31 мая 2020, 08:44 "Friends" Kenma Kozume x Reader x Lev Haiba. Nov 07, 2021 · Soon the other maidens at the ball grew jealous. Sawamura Daichi/Reader (235) Kuroo Tetsurou/Reader (109) Oikawa Tooru/Reader (98) Lemon (13) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Dec 10, 2021 · crush x reader jealous lemon Old Navy provides the latest fashions at great prices lemon, on us Crush x jealous reader 9K Warnings : a little angst, a lot of fluff, Crush x reader school lemon (Jan 18, 2021) Rated M for gore and graphic rape scenes. WARNING: This book is very FLUFFY, CUTE, and SOFT. Haikyuu X Pregnant Reader. Summary: You’ve been in love with Daichi since your third year, but the love is unreciprocated. Summary: A Katsura x Reader one-shot. Jul 04, 2021 · Crush x reader you get jealous Crush x reader you get jealous. 3. You loved every inch of him. As her eyes finally focused, she was very aware of the person seemingly sleeping at her side. " (y/n), Daichi isn't a guy like that. Manga Tag: Kuroo Tetsurou x Tsukishima Kei. the next person that smiles at me will involuntarily release so much serotonin in my body that it should be an overdose. Mar 30, 2021 · Kozuken_SiMp — Child!Daichi x Child!Fem!reader. ” I crossed my arms and sighed. “NO! I’m just curious. I Do not own sakura or sasuke uchiha or naruto. BTS X Male Reader Oneshots - Jimin-jealousy - Wattpad. Me luck • 6 days ago. You opened the door to your club’s classroom, it being full of paint buckets, easels, paintings and random paint blobs on walls. So she had started investigating the various clubs the school had to see if they needed any help. Some mature, lemon-rated, Yandere!Oc/Reader content for a lovely anonymous commissioner. #x reader #fanfic #fiction #headcanons #imagines #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x you #haikyuu scenarios #ushijima x reader #ushijima wakatoshi #daichi x fem reader #daichi x reader #daichi sawamura #bokuto #bokuto x y/n #bokuto x reader #asahi x reader #asahi azumane #asahi x fem reader #iwaizumi smut #iwaizumi fluff #iwaizumi You forced Daichi to stop making jokes by punching him in the stomach, he toppled over and gave you an evil glance. May 04, 2021 · Oikawa x reader jealous Oikawa x reader jealous. Sep 30, 2020 - Read •~Chapter 4~• from the story H e a t h e r (Daichi Sawamura x reader) by cxffeegxb_1203 with 1,046 reads. They haven't seen each other for quite some time after Y/n wasn't paying them a visit anymore. Jan 08, 2021 · sakusa x gn!reader, bokuto x gn!reader, atsumu x gn!reader. Jealous dabi x reader lemon; Jealous dabi x reader lemon; Conan survival servers – Wharton Capital; Denki x reader lemon forced; Jealous dabi x reader lemon. #pixiv #Japan #oikawa_x_iwaizumi - 1 drawings found. Once again I CANT READ MY FILTHY DIRTY. yamaguchi tadashi x fem!reader warnings: yandere, dubcon, ill-prepped sex, bleeding, guilt-tripping & manipulation, jealousy and possessiveness, toxic relationship, vomit (not like that dw). Y/N hummed to herself as light hearted holiday music played from the radio. Daichi’s P. Jealous (Kei Tsukishima x Reader). ” “Hmm?” “I love when your thighs are my earmuffs. OV. He manipulated you into thinking that he’s the only one you need and that you should rely solely on him. Easily manage a digital library on your PC with Icecream Ebook Reader. 17K Views "(First name)-chan!!" As you turn your head around towards the direction that your name was called you saw Oikawa, your senpai and your boyfriend. 005 Haiba Lev Ch. Do you like this video? Kenma Kozume (Japanese: 孤爪 (こづめ) 研磨 (けんま) Kozume Kenma) was previously a 2nd-year student from Nekoma High. I decided to bring you a Kenma x reader story. Jun 12, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by d'apriLiana. The language is graded for vocabulary, the. I was jealous because he could show all these things in public but we don't. Mar 30, 2017 · Jealous Bokuto Koutaro X Reader . heyyo!!!! may request some hcs of how kuroo, kenma, and suga would react catching their s/o staring at them lovingly maybe with the smallest softest smile :'] my heart is about to burst shhsh tnx bubs. Pairing: Sawamura Daichi x F!Reader Tags: Post Timeskip, Heavy Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Slice of Life Warnings For This Chapter: Diseases Part Five Word Count: 10. He couldn't help but feel slightly jealous, but if this was a guy that made you smile, then how could he really be angry. See a recent post on Tumblr from @simply-trash5 about neji x reader. Jun 11, 2021 · TinyGiantSho — What makes them fall in love Nekoma x reader. Keep reading